About the ASC

What is the ASC?

The Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) is comprised of a group of University of Chicago alumni who volunteer their time to aid the enrollment efforts of the Office of College Admissions. There are over 4000 ASC volunteers around the world, organized into more than 60 regional groupings. Each ASC region is overseen by a local volunteer leader, or “Chair”, whose role it is to coordinate the admissions recruiting-related activity of the volunteers in their region.

Administratively, the ASC is housed within the Office of College Admissions, and is professionally staffed by a Director (who also serves as an Associate Director of Admissions) and other Admissions Office personnel. The ASC also coordinates many of its activities with the Alumni Association, in support of its broader efforts to enhance alumni engagement.

Role of Alumni Schools Committee Volunteers

ASC volunteers represent the Office of College Admissions in their communities by conducting prospective student interviews and serving as an ambassador of the Admissions Office at college fairs, information sessions, and yield-related events. No matter what venue a volunteer interacts with a student in, they should be helpful, informative, and friendly.

The Chicago-based ASC Chapter

The ASC chapter in Chicago plays a unique role within the overall program. Chicago-based ASC volunteers serve as support for other ASC regions, by conducting telephone and Skype interviews for regions that have exceeded their capacity to interview prospective students. They also conduct telephone and Skype interviews of students who live in countries where the ASC does not have local volunteer coverage.

In addition, Chicago-based ASC volunteers conduct in-person interviews on campus on Saturdays during the fall months. They also have the opportunity to participate in the full complement of ambassadorial activities, such as representing the Admissions Office at college fairs and information sessions, and taking part in yield-related activities.

Impact of the ASC

The interactions that prospective students have with alumni volunteers is incredibly important to their college search process. Many students are unable to come to campus before they apply to UChicago, so their meetings with a volunteer might be their only face-to-face interaction with a representative of the university.

Of the 2400 or so accepted applicants in the class of 2018, 970 had alumni interviews. This shows us how instrumental their meetings with alumni are, as many of those students were unable to come to campus. Of the 1450 who decided to attend, 521 had alumni interviews, demonstrating just how effective the interactions our alumni have with these students are.

The volunteers in the ASC are invaluable assets to the University, extending our reach to students we otherwise couldn’t, spreading awareness about the great undergraduate experience available in the College, and building the reputation of the University.