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ASC Member Eligibility Requirements

Want to join the ASC? We’re excited to welcome you aboard! We ask that you look over the following eligibility requirements before you sign up, and please review our Standards of Best Practice to ensure that you and our prospective students have a positive experience.

In order to be an active member of the ASC, you must:

  • Be an alumnus/a of the University of Chicago (alumni of the graduate divisions and professional schools who are knowledgeable and comfortable talking the undergraduate experience are welcome to join)
  • Maintain an active email account for interview assignments
  • Be up-to-date with knowledge about the College and comfortable discussing the undergraduate experience with prospective students from a variety of backgrounds
  • Review our ASC training materials, and confirm that you have read and understand the Standards of Best Practice

Any conflicts of interest, either real or perceived, will inform your eligibility to participate in the ASC.

Conflicts of interest include:

  • Having any personal interest in the admissions outcome for a specific student or for a particular secondary school.
    • We would ask you not to interview that specific student, or students from that particular high school.
  • Working as an independent college counselor or for-profit educational consultant.
    • You are someone who works directly with students who are applying to UChicago
  • Your child is a current applicant to UChicago
  • You are an admissions, financial aid, or development officer for UChicago or another undergraduate institution.
    • You work directly with recruiting prospective undergraduate students
  • You represent more than one undergraduate institution in the same admissions cycle.
    • Alumni should not interview the same student for multiple institutions

Become an ASC Volunteer

If you have any questions about these eligibility requirements, please reach out to the Director of the ASC, Christina Rivers, at We look forward to hearing from you!

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