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What is the ASC?

The Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) is comprised of University of Chicago alumni who volunteer their time to aid the enrollment efforts of the Office of College Admissions. There are over 4,000 ASC volunteers around the world, organized into more than 60 regional territories. Each ASC region is overseen by a local volunteer leader, or “Chair,” whose role is to coordinate the activity of the volunteers in their region.

Administratively, the ASC is housed within the Office of College Admissions, and is professionally staffed by a Director, Christina Rivers, and other Admissions Office personnel. The ASC also coordinates many of its activities with the Alumni Association, in support of its broader efforts to enhance alumni engagement.


ASC volunteers represent the Office of College Admissions in their communities by serving as an ambassador of the Admissions Office at college fairs, information sessions, and admitted student events. No matter the venue for interaction with students, volunteers should be helpful, informative, and friendly.


The interactions that prospective students have with alumni volunteers is incredibly important to their college search process. Many students are unable to come to campus before they apply to UChicago, so their meetings with a volunteer might be their only face-to-face interaction with a representative of the University.

The volunteers in the ASC are invaluable assets to the University, extending our reach to students we otherwise couldn’t, spreading awareness about the great undergraduate experience available in the College, and building the reputation of the University.


We welcome alumni who are enthusiastic about their UChicago experience and who look to share their enthusiasm with prospective students and their families. ASC volunteers help students and families appreciate all that UChicago offers its undergraduate—a rich set of academic, research, extracurricular, social, athletic, and artistic experiences. Through their service, ASC volunteers help to shape the future of the University of Chicago by extending our reach and spreading awareness about the distinctive and transformative undergraduate education offered by the College.


The ASC is organized into regional territories that roughly correspond to our recruitment territories. Each ASC region is overseen by a local volunteer leader, or “Chair,” whose role is to coordinate the activity of the volunteers in their region. Volunteers will be called upon by their Chairs to attend college fairs and help support other admissions events. Please review all of the training materials on the members page including Standards of Best Practice.


Please send us your contact information using the form below. We will use the mailing address you provide to match you with prospective student events in your area, so provide the address (work or home) you would prefer for this.

After you register, your regional ASC Chair will receive your contact information, and he/she will serve as your primary point of contact for all ASC-related activities. If you have any questions, you can always email

Become an ASC Volunteer

To access the Members Area, you will need a CNetID.


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