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Welcome to the Alumni Schools Committee! The ASC is a great opportunity to contribute to the legacy of the University, to connect with other bright, passionate, and interesting alumni, and to engage the next generation of UChicago students. As a member of the ASC, you join the single largest volunteer organization within the University. With over 4,000 active members around the world, ASC volunteers represent the Office of College Admissions in their communities by attending local college fairs and supporting regional admissions sessions and receptions.

The Members Area of the ASC website provides resources for volunteers, which can be used to prepare for and sign up to cover College Fairs and learn more about the College. If you are new to the ASC, please review the ASC Volunteer Manual and Standards of Best Practice to prepare to have fruitful interactions with prospective students. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to your regional ASC Chair or to the Director of the ASC at

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